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Sanjoy & Sumaiya
21 March 2010
It was Friday night, April 10th 2009, beginning of a regular weekend and the beginning of my conversation with my soulmate, Sumaiya. I never had much faith on and was only looking around for friends. It was one of my friends who actually referred me to I never thought that would turn out to be a major turning point in my life. The first day of our conversation did not go well and neither of us was able to see us married to each other within the next 9 months. Neither of us could saw the tons of similarities that were hiding behind the few differences that we found out in our opening conversation. Days went by and we became good friends from good acquaintances. Slowly with time our friendship started turning into likeness day by day. Before we realized we were so much drowned into each other, our conversation would turn day into nights. Our friends, families, relatives and everyone around could feel the air of love that me and Sumaiya were floating in. In July we decided to turn this love into an everlasting bond of matrimonial relationship and informed our parents about our likeness. The parents met together in September for formal proposal and the wedding was fixed in January. Finally I came to Bangladesh in January, got married to Sumaiya and brought her with me in the USA. Our marriage had to go through lot of obstacles but when I look at her face everyday it make me feel that she is totally worth of all the trouble. Thanks to and Thanks to all the friends, families and relatives who helped us turn this meeting into a beautiful marriage.