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Shabbir & Shahnaz
27 May 2013
Assalamualaikum/ Namaste/ Good day everyone, I am Shahnaz and this is my short, but unexpected Love story. I was a member of Shaadi since 2011 and had spoken to umpteen no. of people. Some sane and most of them ?insane?! I met people from various other sources as well, until, I completely gave up on the idea of marriage and 'settling down'. I was disconnected from shaadi since quite some time (1 and half yrs),when the unexpected happened. I finally met my 'knight in shining armour' on 13th July 2012. It was a casual coffee date after interacting on the phone for about 2 days. I just could not comprehend the next step as the whole thing was confusing. I could not come to terms or be satisfied with finding someone, especially after so many flop encounters!! We took a break and met again after 3 months. This time we both were more relaxed and could talk endlessly. That was the time when it 'clicked' I believe. I was deeply impressed by his grounded personality, chivalry and a sense of tackling issues independently. There was again a break of about a month before we could meet, as by this time I already had some alliances from family and I was again 'confused' :). This was also a period when my career had taken a dip and I was desperately searching for new career avenues (not too keen on searching for someone). I had almost ended the possibility if our marriage by this time. I had confided in Shabbir about the situation as we were still friends. Unexpectedly, when most people kept away from me at this time, Shabbir held on and helped me sail through. We met again in November in a job interview and this was arranged by him in his own organisation. I was shocked and impressed by his helping nature. A person can be so selfless, that too with a girl who has not considered his proposal?.. The interview was a lot of help in regaining my confidence at that low point. I didn?t get that job, but I discovered the man in my life. We started dating frequently after that and he introduced me to his family on 12/12/12 :). Dramatic...yes he is! My family also met him and we finally got engaged on 9th Feb '13. This was my Love Story and we plan to take it ahead to the next level soon!! All the best folks!