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18 May 2018
Hi It was actually so unusual to find someone online. I could not imagine that few reliable people exist like 'us' online. It was difficult to find one though, Its chaos. So on 6th January I decided to go through nicely as much as profiles I could. And while clicking some and accepting some I fell asleep, It was 3am and in the morning. I got up receiving messages on my chat from him, I had no clue when did I click and send the request in half sleep. We chatted initially for 20 days and then one fine day we decided to meet each other and let our folks meet as well like our destiny. We had everything at a light's speed. within a month Roka and our wedding on 14 April this year only. The cutest thing only we know it is love marriage - a small sparked one. everyone else think it is arranged. :) Well Sincere thanks to atleast I met someone I like and can love and fight. wow. Hats off to you, your search engine, and to my half sleep deeds. Thanks Bye Rubal